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Welcome to Criminal Justice Law US.

The purpose of this site is to explore issues of importance to Criminal Justice professionals and students with a view to finding solutions.  Click on the above banner to learn more or go to the About Page here.

In building the website, the essays were placed in some semblance of order with little consideration to the incredible growth which has taken place since its launch last year. That is about to change.

Please pardon the reconstruction which will be taking place–we hope to make it as seamless as possible, but because the essays and tools just sort of evolved over time, the structure can at times be somewhat confusing. Following is a simplification of the main menu with a view to easing navigation during this reconstruction phase.

The goal of Criminal Justice Law US has not changed, but we would like to assemble the largest resource for both Criminal Justice professionals and those interested in a career in the field. Thus, as you read through the following sections of this site, you will find a part describing the future plans for each.

As an example, one goal has already begun with a single, largely comprehensive listing of all prisons in America. Eventually, these lists will be expanded into useful charts and graphs.

As another example, we will eventually like to add similar listings for all Police Agencies and Court Systems in the nation.

The purpose of these additions remains that we would like to develop a single resource for Criminal Justice study and research.

As you may have guessed from the Appeal at the top of this page, we would also like to add essays from students and professionals around the world. It recently came to our attention that much of the world’s resources along these lines are out of reach to millions because of the lack of funds needed to access professional journals such as JStor and others.

We believe that condensed information such as found in college essays would fill a useful gap in the ability of some to conduct important research. Always searching for solutions, our solution to this is for Criminal Justice professionals and students who have stored away their essays to begin contributing to this store of knowledge. We hope you will participate. If interested in doing so, read the information on our Contact Page.

With that, let us consider now the current structure, what you can find in each section of Criminal Justice Law US and the goals for each.



In the Issues section, we explore hot-button issues with a view to both understanding and resolving these. We may eliminate this section at some point in the future, re-arranging the material found within so as to make navigation simpler for our readers. For now however, we will leave it as is.

What you will find in the Issues Pages are the issues which often get people into heated debates. Most of these debates center on political affiliations and in these pages, as with this entire site, we strive to keep politics from clouding the issues. Of course, this does not mean that we would not like to see spirited debate and by using either the comment forms at the bottom of each page or by signing up to use the forum, you can start threads to debate as you see fit. We only ask that you keep things civil and focussed with a view to exploring solutions to these pressing issues affecting criminal justice and law in the U.S.

The current issued discussed in this section include



One of the key elements of the Criminal Justice Field is Corrections because without the means to punish offenders or prevent some from abusing society, we would be unable to maintain a civilized Society. Of course, the purpose of corrections is explored along with issues related to this vital segment of the field.

In time, this section is going to expand considerably. We already have lists of correctional Facilities in all Fifty States and have plans to create a page for every prison, every state, and every correctional system listed. It is going to be a massive project, but fingers crossed, we hope to get it underway soon.

Currently in the Corrections section, you will find these Prisons Lists along with the following Essays. These essays will also be moved to another location within the section later as we eventually include additional features to enhance research and study of this Criminal Justice field. The essays currently in the Corrections section include…



In the Crime Section of Criminal Justice Law US you will find essays related directly to crime and the underlying causes. The goal of this section is to explore not only theories and likely causes of crime, but also find solutions to eliminating as much crime as possible from society. Yet, as Shakespeare said, “Therein lies the rub.”

Crime has been an issue plaguing mankind from the beginning. If one takes the Biblical view, certainly when Cain killed Abel, a crime was committed, sentence passed, and judgment carried out. Little has changed since then for from the time Hammurabi’s Code was developed until today, society has grappled with what to do with criminals and how to best control crime. Perhaps one day a solution will be found. Perhaps the person who finds it will be inspired by something someone has placed on this website. We simply never know, but we must try.

The essay’s found in the Crime Section are divided according to four areas of study. These are:

  1. City Crime
  2. Personal Crime
  3. International Crime
  4. Organized Crime (and related pages)



The Philosophy Section of Criminal Justice Law US is as it claims…Philosophy. Within this section are a few essays, one book (which is not entire on site as yet), and a theory developed by C. J. Oakes to explain, not just criminal behavior, but all human behavior. The reason the essays and book are included in this section is because although having a basis in fact, these delve more into the philosophical realm of the topics explored.

This section will likely be eliminated in the future, with the pages either eliminated as well or incorporated in a more concise way elsewhere. For now, the section remains until a decision is reached on the best way to organize this website. In the Philosophy Section you will find…



Enforcement is a vital element of Criminal Justice and Law in the U.S. and worldwide. In the Enforcement Section, you will explore a variety of topics related to Law Enforcement including forensics, the future of Law Enforcement, and current issues. This section will change later as well because we will be incorporating all essays in a single sub-section while providing useful information for anyone interested in specific areas of enforcement.

In addition, there will be a listing coming soon of all Law Enforcement Agencies in the nation. At the moment, the section is rather convoluted and is one of the reasons for the decision to determine how best to streamline and improve our readers experience. Please pardon the rough structure for now. In the Enforcement Section of Criminal Justice Law U.S. you will find currently…



The foundation of the Criminal Justice System is Law. Without law, there would be no justice system because there would be no definition of justice with which to judge others, apprehend, and punish. Thus, the start of the entire process of criminal justice is law.

In the Law Section of this site, we explore issues related to law. Ever changing, constantly evolving, sometimes devolving, Law and the study of law should be an integral part of any criminal justice professionals repertoire and daily routine. Police officers must know the law in order to enforce it. Judges must know the law in order to mete out justice. Prosecutors must know the law in order to properly prosecute crimes. Wardens must understand the law in order to properly tend to those in their facilities. At every stage of the criminal justice process, the rule of law plays a role.

This section too will change in time, with essays being grouped as such and other elements added to simplify research and comprehension by both students of law and perhaps even some professionals. The goal is to create a section which can be used as a resource for any purpose in the field from preparing cases to mediation to locating a good attorney in your city to understanding how the law serves criminal justice in each state.

In the future, there will be a listing of all courts in the nation by state. The project is underway, but not nearing completion anytime soon. Eventually, we would like to add listings of all attorney’s by state and perhaps even a way for our readers to rate these so that anyone wanting to use their services can get a better idea of whom to choose. These are certainly big goals for the site and barring some unlikely miracle, years away, but that is the plan.

Currently, there are a number of essays in this section along with the start of one book. These are…



The Principles Section of Criminal Justice Law U.S. will certainly be moved at some point, likely to a section dealing with Philosophy or some other. Principles are vital to the study of law and justice largely because justice IS a principle upon which our entire Criminal Justice System rests. However, this section detracts from the simplicity of the site as it stands presently.

Still, because principles related to the field must be studied and considered if there is to be any true justice in the system, so there is a place for this topic on this site. We just have not figured out the best structure to simplify the site for better reading, research, and study. Currently, the topics here include three principles and one contains essays related to the subject. These are:

  1. Policing
  2. Justice
  3. Leadership 



The Tools Section of this website will most certainly be changing, likely eliminated as a section. The contents under this heading will be moved to appropriate locations in this website.  For now, the sections will remain. Current sections are, along with explanations of what each is, and what will come of the topics:

  • Criminal Justice Job Board - The Job Board will remain, but will likely move to the Careers Pages for easier navigation and use.
  • Forums – The Forums will remain, though where and in what format remains uncertain.
  • Links – The links will simply be moved to appropriate sections so as to be more useful to anyone conducting research.
  • Help Out – This topic will move though where, we are as yet uncertain. This topic is here simply for an easy way for anyone to contribute to various organizations related to Criminal Justice. In time, we hope to have a system in place to permit contributions to special needs such as when an officer in a particular city is killed in the line of duty. We have found that in such instances, especially when there is considerable media attention, people would like to help the families, but do not know how. We hope this to be an important contribution to the field in the future.



The Criminal Justice Store is just a place where you can shop using the Amazon network for items related specifically to criminal justice, policing, and law. You will find books, videos, clothing, electronics, personal protection items, forensics items, and more. The selections were hand-picked by our staff and contain both useful items along with items which are simply fun or cool. We hope you will browse the store and if you find anything you would like, just add it to your shopping cart. When you are ready to check out, you will be taken to Amazon’s secure shopping system.



In the Just Fun Section of this website, you will find pages placed here just for entertainment purposes. There are currently only two items in this section, both quizzes designed to be  both entertaining and informative.  This section too will move at some point in the future so as to eliminate some clutter, so until that time, nothing new will be added. Currently, the two quizzes in this section are:



The Fiction Section will also move in the future. This is just another section for entertainment and at present only contains a single Novella by C. J. Oakes. There will be more added to the section once it has been determined where and how to relocate it on the site. The single title in the Criminal Justice Law Fiction Section is,



The Careers in Criminal Justice & Law Section is a section which is under development. In this section are pages devoted to the four primary areas wherein persons may study and enter the field of Criminal Justice. Within each of the four sections are the careers available along with pages about each field. Each page includes the role of the position in Criminal Justice, how to prepare of the position, how to apply, the median wage one may anticipate, and any other information useful to Criminal Justice Career-minded individuals. The section was only recently begun and pages are being added each week.

The four areas of interest for Careers are Research/Teaching, Enforcement, the Courts, and Corrections. To learn about a particular field of study within these, simply go to the Main Careers in Criminal Justice and Law page and choose from the listing provided.


We Welcome Suggestions and Submissions

As mentioned earlier, we welcome submissions from anyone who has old essays in electronic form they would like to add to this site. Our goal at Criminal Justice Law U.S. is to grow the largest free resource for students and professionals of criminal justice in the nation and perhaps later, the world. For now, we are growing rapidly and keeping up is tricky (especially with the editor, me, working full time at a ‘job’.

If you have any suggestions, we would also welcome these. To submit suggestions or essays for publication, simply visit our Contact Page.

We hope you will visit often, bookmark this website, like it, share it, or do whatever you like to help spread the word. It is appreciated.  

There is also a place to sign up for our newsletter, the Scales of Justice, but as yet, we are not yet publishing it with any regularity so if you sign up, please do not be surprised by receiving nothing right away. Even once we do publish regularly, we only plan on a monthly edition, largely because we hate getting tons of junk newsletters in our email accounts so we figure you do too. When we start to produce the newsletter, it will be of the highest quality and worthy of your time. So if you would like to sign up now, feel free. There is a place at the bottom and somewhere along the right side of every page.


This is a Creative Commons Website

Finally, we would like to let all our readers know that this is a Creative Commons Website. For those who are unfamiliar, this is a concept developed by the late Aaron Swartz. What it states is that the content on this website may be used, reproduced, and shared in accordance with certain terms set forth by the publisher. It is not like a Copyright, which prevents any such sharing lest you run afoul with the law and become a criminal yourself.

The Terms of this Creative Commons for Criminal Justice Law U.S. are:

  • You may copy any page EXCEPT Books. These are clearly identified as books and because they are already copy written, cannot be reproduced. This includes both fiction and non-fiction.
  • You may reproduce any page EXCEPT Books.
  • You may duplicate any page EXCEPT Books on your website.
  • IN ALL Cases of the use of this material, the ONLY stipulation is that the content remain unchanged and not taken out of context. You may use portions or the whole work, but in ALL CASES, attribution must be provided.

For anyone not familiar with attribution, it simply means that you reference where the content originated and if you are reproducing in electronic form, include a link back to the orignal location of the material.



We hope you enjoy reading Criminal Justice Law U.S. as much as we enjoy creating it.


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